Speaker Date Topic
Club Assembly Sep 27, 2017
Brandy and Dave VanGelder Oct 04, 2017
Rotary international conference for Dummies:101"

Brandy and Dave will discuss Rotary international conference for Dummies:101"

Kari Lambe Oct 11, 2017
General Committee Lord Cultural Resources

Kari will discuss staff’s recommendation on how to move forward.

Steve Lavigne April Mclung Oct 18, 2017
Fee's on mutual funds

 Industry standards have recently changed and there is some confusion across the board.

No meeting Oct 25, 2017
Walk for polio OCT 24th
Sherman Neil Nov 01, 2017
How the army has changed since I joined in 1980

Why should Canada be involved in other countries

Muskoka Steam ships Nov 08, 2017
Muskoka Steam ships

Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Centre has an illustrated presentation about AP Cockburn and how his vision continues to shape Muskoka to this day

SPARKY SMITH Nov 15, 2017

"No Pain, No Force, No Fear"

Club Assembly Nov 22, 2017
Ron Strickland Dec 06, 2017
His trip to the Yukon

Ron will discuss his recent trip to the Yukon 

No meeting Christmas break Dec 27, 2017
Drew Markham Jan 10, 2018
Preview goals for the year 2018-19
Community living Jan 17, 2018
Community living